Learning to Walk Again

I ruptured my right leg AT on March 20th playing soccer, had surgery on March 29th and finally just yesterday got permission to start putting partial weight on my foot. I can't believe what a long process this is. I have found this site very helpful to understand what was next and to see that others were feeling the same trepidation, frustration, resignation, etc. that I was even though this is my first post. For me the hardest part was accepting that I needed help to do basic things like carry stuff or figuring out how to just balance while trying to comb my hair or brush my teeth.

After the Surgery

Today I had my surgery. 7.00 Am to the hospital. 7.30 Am 10 mg of Diapam and 8.45 Am they put me to sleep. It was my first time on general anaesthesia, and I have to say, it was a peace of cake if you could say that about a surgery as a patient. Last words what I remember from the Anaesthesiologists was – “It takes about 10 sec…”. Next thing was a nurse saying hello couple of hours later. 4.30 Pm on the same day my wife took me home. And I’m feeling great. There is no pain, but I think that they are yet to come during the night. For that I’ve reserved some 400 mg of Ibuprofen.

The strongest tendon in the body?

With me it happened last Tuesday. I was playing badminton with my work colleague, when I’d tried to take a fast reverse from the backfield to the front when I heard it. It was quite loud sound. My mate thought I broke some bone but it didn’t feel any pain. My right leg was just in some weird position and it felt like it was just hanging around.

How it all happened

January 20th.

Good ol' Soccer. Jogging backwards pretty freely/comfortably and as I went to lunge forward to jump in to a play, my Achilles gave out -- I knew it instantly. At first it felt as if I might have been kicked/tripped, but turns out no one was around. From that point I was helped to the bench and I began to browse online via my phone to look for the standard field tests -- and I failed the Thompson test. Ended up in the ER an hour later, home with a splint a couple hours after that with an appt. to see the Ortho the following day.

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