The strongest tendon in the body?

With me it happened last Tuesday. I was playing badminton with my work colleague, when I’d tried to take a fast reverse from the backfield to the front when I heard it. It was quite loud sound. My mate thought I broke some bone but it didn’t feel any pain. My right leg was just in some weird position and it felt like it was just hanging around.

We got some cold packs on ankle and our company doctor was still on her office. So then I heard the first time from her – “You have a Achilles tendon rupture”. It was quite difficult to believe. I practice sports every day, I did stretch and it was the second round. How could it happen?

Well after a googling and discus with my doctor friend, I do understand. It was the daily sport, which did it. My main sport is cycling and then I play badminton and volleyball. With time some small ruptures occur to the tendon and give the start point for the snap. I’ve heard some rumours that a healthy tendon is almost impossible to snap. It wills stretch but not rupture.

And now I’m having a surgery next Friday. We’ll see what happens. The good thing is that some studies have reviled that only 1-2 surgically treated ATR’s from 100 will renew.

Hopping the best and fearing the worst.


Welcome ERossi

Today is my 8 month mark post-surgery and I have to say that the tendon feels very strong, perhaps stronger than my non-injured tendon. I've been back playing soccer for almost 2 months now, and while mornings are tough and I'm by no means back to 100% yet -- I'm feeling pretty confident about getting there.

Good luck with your surgery, can be a depressing period crutching around for a few months but it's also a new perspective on life you might later look back on w/ some appreciation. Just keep it in your head that you'll be back out there in no time, you will.