How it all happened

January 20th.

Good ol' Soccer. Jogging backwards pretty freely/comfortably and as I went to lunge forward to jump in to a play, my Achilles gave out -- I knew it instantly. At first it felt as if I might have been kicked/tripped, but turns out no one was around. From that point I was helped to the bench and I began to browse online via my phone to look for the standard field tests -- and I failed the Thompson test. Ended up in the ER an hour later, home with a splint a couple hours after that with an appt. to see the Ortho the following day.

The appointment w/ the Ortho went pretty quick -- they did a few tests to confirm, put me back in my splint and scheduled me for surgery at 7am the next morning (22nd), at least I was going to hit the road to recovery quickly, right?



I snapped mine playing netball like, 5 days ago and I'm only 15 years old! =[

It sucks so bad... I went to take off forward and I heard a loud pop! I fell to the ground straight away and experienced instant pain. I actually thought that someone had pushed me over, I even looked behind me too see who it was but no one was there. My mum and dad drove me to the Medical and Emergency place and they put me straight into a fibre glass cast and said I had snapped it completely. I have the cast on for 1 month and then I go and see a specialist and he decides from there. I don't think they want to do surgery on mine though, I'm not quite sure why. I really hope I can start playing my high level netball again!! =[


Tough break

Hey Charlotte, sorry to hear you've joined the club. I'm sure you've done plenty of reading by this point, but you'll be back before you know it! I'm 6 months out and back playing mid level soccer, plan to re-join my team in the next month or so. You'll feel totally back to normal, if not better because you'll be more focused on your training and getting back in to shape. Hang in there.