Learning to Walk Again

I ruptured my right leg AT on March 20th playing soccer, had surgery on March 29th and finally just yesterday got permission to start putting partial weight on my foot. I can't believe what a long process this is. I have found this site very helpful to understand what was next and to see that others were feeling the same trepidation, frustration, resignation, etc. that I was even though this is my first post. For me the hardest part was accepting that I needed help to do basic things like carry stuff or figuring out how to just balance while trying to comb my hair or brush my teeth. I bought a wheelchair after week one which helped tremendously with my mobility and independence. I used crutches for short range excursions or in tight places where a wheelchair wasn't practical. I learned to drive with my left foot which also gave me some much needed freedom. I managed to continue with many of my regular activities albeit from a wheelchair. I start PT this week too so I am looking forward to that and feeling like I am finally progressing.


Keep your head up

To add a bit of light to the end of your tunnels, I tore my left achilles playing soccer last February and was back on my feet that summer, back playing soccer shortly thereafter. While my repaired achilles is certainly a bit larger than my other, today I feel great and am back on the field at 100%. Just remember to properly warm-up & stretch going forward, we're only given one body. Good luck to both of you in your recoveries.

Achilles surgery and rehab

@ Lawyerjen - I ruptured my achilles 5 weeks ago. I just started PT and it is tough! I've written about my experience since the injury and I am documenting all of my work with achilles rehab through videos that I will sharing. My blog is at http://achillestucker.wordpress.com. I will certainly keep tabs on your blog, wishing you the best.

- Andrew